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BAIT Radio TOP10: New Season and Updates

BAIT Radio TOP10: New Season and Updates

As we kick off the new season of BAIT Radio TOP10, a couple of changes come in. Check inside!

BAIT Radio TOP10 show has used the same format since late 2009. Now it's time for us to introduce some changes. Speaking long term, we believe this will bring better quality and will also make it easier for the team to prepare and host the show.

There are reasons behind the changes that we're about to introduce and we'll be glad to elaborate on each of the items. Here's an overview.

New airing time: 18:00 CET on Sundays

The TOP10 will still air weekly on Sundays, however an hour earlier than it used to air until now. This will also allow Thomas to continue with his show Underneath the Sycamore an hour earlier without running into deep night hours. Tune in already this Sunday at 18:00 CET!

Voting now stops on Fridays at 23:59 CET

A little change that will help the hosts tremendously. Previously, it was possible to vote throughout the week until Saturday evening before the show day. We now restrict the voting period until Friday 23:59 CET to allow more time for the team to review the votes and prepare the show. This means that any votes submitted starting from Saturday will be counted for the next edition of BAIT Radio TOP10.

Seasonal approach: each season lasts for 8 weeks

Until now, the TOP10 seasons were really long and lasted for one full year. At the end of the season we would make a recap of the past year and compile the list of songs that proved to be most popular. We would also reset the number of votes each person had and start "fresh".

We now decided to make shorter seasons. Each season will last for 8 weeks after which we'll have a break of 2 weeks before kicking off the new season. Like before, we will have a recap and find out who were the most active voters this season. This leads us to the next change...

From the NEXT season: most active voters will propose new songs

With the increasing popularity of the TOP10 show, we are finding it more difficult to fit in all the new propositions into the 1st hour of the show. At often times, we get some 15 new songs proposed. Doing simple math, it is unrealistic to play them all within an hour without having to cut the songs short.

For this reason, starting from the next season the new songs can only be proposed by the TOP10 most active voters of the previous season. Those people will effectively be our "VIPs" for the upcoming season.

As we mentioned earlier, at the beginning of each season we will reset the number of votes that listeners have, so everybody starts off with a clean sheet. If you keep up voting consistently, your chances to become a VIP will be high. We will not leave anybody out and if there's a draw for the last position, everybody will be included.

If you're not a VIP, it goes without saying that you can use all methods possible to influence the VIPs to propose your favorite song for our show. Convince them or even bribe them, if you so wish! ;)

People who are not VIPs will be able to spend 5 votes for the songs that are in the TOP10 or the Propositions list. The VIPs, however, will have 4 votes for the TOP10 songs and 1 vote for a brand new proposition - like it is right now.

As mentioned before - this new approach will only start from the next season (10 weeks from now), however the VIPs will be decided based on the votes submitted this season.

We hope that the listeners will appreciate these changes and continue tuning in and contributing to the show weekly. We are waiting for you to tune in to the new season already this Sunday at 18:00 CET!

Your hosts - twisty, Thomas & Decl

Posted on September 2nd, 2016

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Comments (25)
Yeah this thing is even rare to happen. Its not the importance im talking here, but the validity of the votes being cast in that situation. And Avi, id appreciate more the virtual hugs than candies
Other than giving you your candy I see no benefit in this way of handling things
Peace :*
It's very rare anyway that a song gets directly into the TOP10. The normal flow for a song to get to the TOP10 is for it to first get proposed and then voted for by other listeners. If your song is popular enough, it will get in to the TOP10 the next week - and everyone will have equal chances of voting for the song. It might still happen that a song gets to the TOP10 directly if several VIPs vote for it, however I don't see why this would be so important. It's normal for a song to become a TOP10 song after it's been through the Propositions list.
Its not called sneaking since it is actually allowed in old rules and havent change now. Why does non-VIP will lose a vote just bec he/she voted the new prop of a VIP? The only difference i see here is "the song is not yet listed in waiting list" or in the top 10. It cannot be considered a new prop for them as they arent allowed to. Also why this limitation? A VIP should have a real VIP treatment here hehe. Well, im trying to make my point here, im not trying to argue. Peace Avi <3
That won't work with the new System. Voting via the chat doesn't make any difference. Infact, if we would allow such scenario I see at least one problem coming along: What if the song does not go directly into the TOP 10? In this case we can't count the vote at all. The non-VIP loses a vote for nothing. Also, what's the point of sneaking a song directly into the TOP 10 which nobody had a listen to anyway?
Thats lame lol. If i influence another VIP to vote for my new prop, there will be no enough prop for the week. I'd rather suggest to take consideration of the idea of my question. Though if they dont have free-txted field, maybe they can do the votings in the chat. (the idea of new prop can go directly to top 10 will be very hard in this new changes. It will compromise the show if another VIP will vote for the same song, specially if the other VIPs decided not to vote. Take note, only 10 persons will be VIPs in the end)
What Avi said is correct. Non-VIPs will only have 5 checkboxes to use on the website; they will not even have a free-text field to vote for a song that's not currently in the props/top10.

What you can do is influence another VIP to vote for the same song that you (as a VIP) voted for.
In this case a non-VIP would vote for a so far non-existig song if I understand this right(?). Non-VIPs do not have the privilege to vote for songs outside of the TOP 10 or the Propositions List. So in this case the vote does not count and he loses one of his votes.
I have a question regarding the VIP thingy. Since the new prop doesnt need to be presented first and sit in the waiting list before it can go to top 10, i just wanna know if a brandnew proposition of a VIP can be voted the same time by non-VIP, but ofcourse the proposition will only be under the name (originally brought it in category) of the VIP who voted for it. For example, i am a VIP and voted for nickleback. Can i use my influence as a VIP to ask the non-VIP to vote for it as well. Though when they vote for it (though it is brandnew) it is then considered a waiting list for them? Do i make the question clear? I mean as a ViP can we promote our brandnew prop to the non-VIP so we can take it directly in the top 10? I think that simplify my question lol
We will definitely keep an eye on it and see how it goes. Listener feedback is also always welcome. There's a chance some things will change over time if we see something doesn't work, but sticking to the same system for years and struggling with higher activity is not the way to go right now...
Most of these changes sound fine to me. The VIP thing, however, may prove a bit controversial, as the current comments have already shown.

The only real issue I see with the VIP approach is a risk that the TOP10 list becomes quite generic. While I can appreciate the desire to reduce the number of new songs that the DJs have to deal with, the VIP approach will likely reduce the variety of songs in the TOP10 and proposition list. Given the BAIT listeners, I don't think it will be an issue, but it's something that's worth keeping an eye on by the BAIT crew, especially in the first few seasons.
For reference, here are the top 10 most active voters from the previous season. This time they only get some virtual fame, but from the next season our most active voters will be the VIPs!

1. DJ seven K (155 votes)
2. Thomas (155 votes)
3. Lesqx (153 votes)
4. eQuenoXz (152 votes)
5. emonk (150 votes)
6. Enya (146 votes)
7. Banez (142 votes)
8. Decl (124 votes)
9. WMK (115 votes)
10. Bober (113 votes)
One question came on in the chat but I wasn't fast enough to respond:

[14:05:19] <Banez> i thought new season began last sunday
[14:26:00] <Decl|wrk> it did
[14:26:09] <Decl|wrk> but our site doesnt support the seasons yet
[14:30:48] <Banez> thats why top voters list isn't reset?

The voters list will be updated with new numbers during the next show and only the votes since "episode 1" in new season will be counted. There was no point to reset them all to zero.

Strictly speaking, we did not count the votes of the first episode into the new season's total votes because this was very new addition and only announced last Friday. However, starting from this week all votes will be counted.
Theres supposed to be a like button for every comment. Thumbs up for bober and decl's comment. 👍. And Decl, its not bec i want to play fool or ignorant. I just want it to be explained in details so people can understand it better. I invited lots of people to sign up here and we cannot expect everyone will get what you are trying to imply without further details. It wont hurt to explain a little bit more 😊. Thank you
The first week would be top10 from previous season, and then... ok, I get it, the first few weeks most people would be tied with same number of votes, so too many voters. Well, it's definitely an idea worth giving it at least a try. (ps. it's nice that seasons really are short, i like)
Enya: We are aiming to make the TOP10 most active voters VIPs for the next season. However, if there's a draw for the 10th place (i.e. persons at #10 and #11 have the exact same amount of votes), then also the person on 11th position will become a VIP. But anyone who has lower amount of votes than the last person will be out for this season.

So the criteria is clear: 10 people with most votes after 8 weeks will end up becoming VIPs. It might happen that there will be 11 or 12 such people, but it's unlikely that there will be more.

And again: this will be the case only starting from the next season. So for the next 8 weeks everybody can still propose new songs as before.
Well, i just get the answer i need for my next question. If all 20 active voters will all be included, and your purpose of changes is to minimize the new propositions... Is that mean there will be a draw? Wait wait, it isnt clear to me what draw mean? And right listeners come and go, errr wait... Cant u give specific criteria for the VIP, like he atleast have votes not lower than 16. Or in the end it will be useless bec u will still add even those who only have 1 vote bec of lack of voters or sometimes u need to accept 20 VIPs bec of the same number of votes. The competence of this idea is challenge bec of lack of boundary, but only says the active voters which can be more or less lacking or overly abundant. I see it like if there are 20 active voters with same votes, draw will be required so even ur an active voters ur not sure if u can get the vip (to minimize the new propositions), and if theres lack of active voters even those with lower than 10 votes can be VIP... Sounds effective???? The idea is good but... I hope we can draw the bounderies too into more specific
it's not really hating the system. Just pointing out an alternative.

What i meant with the excluding BAIT crew was simply what it meant. I mean, being part of the station is reason enough to exclude people. But same time because i know most of the dj's do like to vote, they should have a privliedge to vote new songs simply because they are part of the new team. Imagine the scenario where the station gets really popular and busy and whatnot and top3 is always the crew members which means 7 ppl only from listeners would be able to vote (+ those who are dividing the 10th place). But if you exclude crew (because they get to vote new songs regardless) then you get 10 listeners who can actively vote new songs.

I'm not saying what i suggested needs to be implemented right away, i do understand that there's not hundreds of listeners or anything, but it's something that could be kept in mind when doing changes

Lastly, all other updates are fine with me. I dont see harm moving show earlier, though it means i would miss sometimes both hours but thats life. Seasonal approach seems nice and good idea. So overall the changes are all good. All my complaints were just about the VIP thing, because imo being part of crew is already in my eyes atleast, considered a VIP position. Access to things not listeners get to, therefore you might as well add the privliedge to cast new song votes since you guys are part of the team anyway
Easy guys ^_^

Give the new system a chance before you already hate it! We have thought it through quite well and we are convinced that this way we are able to make it fair for everyone, hosts and participants. The tastes in music among our listeners differ alot so I doubt a new voter would hate every song in the propositions list. You all should be save if you vote and propose as you did over the last years and seasons. If someone really wants to be part of the voters team he will put the effort and vote every week for one and maybe a second season.

First of all, 8 weeks is about 2 months, sometimes less depending on the month. The upcoming season will end on 23/10/16.

We will think about leaving the crew out, however if you look at the current top10 active voters, only 3 crew members made it there last season. I don't think it's fair to leave the crew out completely, but perhaps they could indeed have a "special" privilege like Banez said. Afterall, crew also make quite some percent of our listeners. We do host our own shows, but we also tune in to other shows and enjoy them as listeners.

Listeners change, but tbh not that often. Majority of the listeners are regulars that are around for months and longer. I understand that it might be difficult for a completely new listener to get into it in the middle of a season, but on the other hand, why should the hosts waste time and resources on getting some X songs for people who don't care to vote regularly and only are around once a month? There have been cases where people who never even tune in propose new songs that are hard to get and tbh just not worth it if the person doesn't even care to participate later.

We are glad to reward our active participants. We just don't think that random people, who come by for a day and vote just "for fun" but not to actually contribute to the show, deserve as much attention as those who are here every time and participate fully.

And I don't exactly understand what you mean with "current most active voters"? If the season starts off and everybody has 0 votes, then who should be allowed to propose new songs? News item says: we want to avoid having to play 15 new songs during the first hour. How else?
Enya, it says in the text "We will not leave anybody out and if there's a draw for the last position, everybody will be included." All 20 will be included as I read.

I second the Banez's idea of excluding BAIT crew. They've already always had a big influence on new propositions during their shows.

Another idea might be to have the current top voters at any give time the ability to propose new songs, not top voters from previous season. People come and go, and it seems silly an active voter can't propose new songs, while someone who was active last season, but doesn't even tune in anymore, can do so. And of course, no new listener would be interested in waiting 3 months before they could propose a song. On the other hand, I've heard a listener (forgot who) suggest that only DJs should be the ones to propose new songs.
@Enya, you didn't read carefully enough. The news item says: "We will not leave anybody out and if there's a draw for the last position, everybody will be included."
Some people have the same number of votes. I am sure only those whose name went in the top 10 voters can get the VIP which i think is a little bit of unfair. For example 20 of the voters religiously voted for 8 weeks and all got 40 votes in the end of the season but only 10 can enter the slot (ussually alphabetical order)..... What will happen to the next 10 with the same numbers of vote?
did you think the VIP thing through?

The system basically will reward those who continuously vote religiously weekly basis. Especially when most of the TOP 10 ppl are DJ's in the organization. Just wondering if you guys thought it to the end... imagine a new person participating into the thing. the top 10 and propositions are all songs he or she doesn't like. And they have to vote songs they personally dislike week in and week out just to get into the top10 so they can bring their own votes. I just think thats a little problem in the VIP thingy.

Also shouldn't BAIT DJ's be excluded? I mean they are part of the radio, they might as well have a special privliedge to vote new songs as benefit of being part of the station. Just few things that i thought of after seeing this news.
Count me in!
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