TP 2017/06/01

01. Perfume - Cosmic Explorer
02. 和楽器バンド - 天樂 (Request by Psi)
04. ゆいこんぬ - かくしごと (Request by Psi)
05. STRFKR - Tape Machine
06. Pond - Holding Out For You
07. Masasolo - How It Feels
08. Kekistan - The Sound of Social Justice (Request by Klompz)
09. Palace Winter - Positron
10. Husky - Ghost

Listeners in the chat: Psi, paulesco, MePH, Klompz, EricHogue
Posted on June 3rd, 2017

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Theme Park is a show with the purpose of entertaining the listener with great music that would otherwise remain largely unknown to most listeners. Each show has its own theme, voted forth by the listeners.
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