TP 2017/09/28

01. Barock Project - Happy to See You
02. Moon Safari - We Spin the World
03. RPWL - Silenced
04. Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life (Request by paulesco)
05. Moon Safari - Bluebells
06. Spooky Tooth - I Am The Walrus (Request by paulesco)
07. RPWL - Where Can I Go?
08. Stillwater - Fever Dog (Request by paulesco)
09. For All We Know - Let Me Fly
10. DGM - Animal (Request by Decl)
11. Epica - Universal Death Squad
12. Subterranean Masquerade - Ways
13. Threshold - Trust the Process
14. Machinae Supremacy - Renegades (Request by EricHogue)
Posted on September 28th, 2017

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