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BAIT Radio Christmas Party

BAIT Radio Christmas Party

It's time for the Ho-Ho-Ho! Our annual Christmas Party kicks off on Sunday, December 17th at 17:00 CET!

As usual at the end of the year, BAIT Radio crew gets together to celebrate the Christmas holidays and the end of the year 2017! Traditionally, the party happens on a weekend closest to the actual Christmas - this year on Sunday, December 17th.

The entire crew will be here to guarantee the party spirit and bring some of the best entertainment to the ears of our loyal audience! Each presenter is set to host a 1-hour-long show, the first one starting precisely at 17:00 CET. We promise to go on with the party until it's late!

As always on such events, you can expect a lot of amazing music, conclusions of this past year 2017, some fun contests and awesome prizes & gifts for Xmas!

Set a note in your calendars - December 17th is the day to remember! This is a party you don't want to miss out on, so let us know (RSVP) in comments below whether we should expect you there!

Presenter / DJ schedule

  • 17:00 CET: Znurre
  • 18:00 CET: Decl
  • 19:00 CET: twisty
  • 20:00 CET: SEVEN K
  • 21:00 CET: Apoc
  • 22:00 CET: Thomas

We'll see you there on Sunday, December 17th!

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From Santa I hope to receive...
A box of chocolates (40%, 4 votes)
Amazing music collection (10%, 1 vote)
My favourite toy (0%, 0 votes)
A pair of socks (20%, 2 votes)
Other (please comment) (30%, 3 votes)
I don't believe in Santa :( (0%, 0 votes)
Total votes: 10
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Posted on December 7th, 2017

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Comments (8)
Thanks to all who tuned in! Was fun
Winners of our contests are now on the Hall of Fame!
you did this video with a way2hot voice hahaha
Check out the youtube video above!
Definately a pair of socks!
Neur0 and ssmmdd
Love...lot of love...harmony...moments of joy and snuggling =)
I think by then it's already a little late for a warm winter coat It's already winter!
I hope to receive a warm winter coat.
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