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TP 2015/11/19 (With poll!)

Yet another show is over, this time with the most underground theme so far.
We listened to an unhealthy mix of music from CDs I purchased in Japan this summer.
I also managed to read 魔女 as "shoujou" (girl) instead of "majou" (witch) twice, while still translating it correctly to "witch" which made it even worse! :)


01. Ekusu - ゼルダの伝説 - タイトル ~プロローグ
02. TAMUSIC - 工廠
03. IOSYS - Bad Apple & Good Orange & Hard Beats (Request by Psi)
04. MOSAIC.WAV - 獄卒エンジェル☆閻魔ちゃん
05. Demetori - 少女さとり ~ Innumerable Eyes (Request by eQue)
06. ちな - 恋の魔法
07. Imaginary Flying Machines - となりのトトロ (Request by Lesqx)
08. t+pazolite vs RoughSketch - AstroNasty
09. Aice5 - Love Power (Request by Psi)
10. Daniel Seven - Radiance
11. UI-70 - フラワリングナイト (Request by eQue)
12. 桃箱 & miko - mikoお姉さんがただお料理をしているだけの歌。
13. 來香 滄 - 恋するメロディー
14. TAMUSIC - 海上護衛戦
15. fripSide - 悲しい星座 (Request by Lesqx)
16. MOSAIC.WAV - 2-tone Infinity
17. REDALiCE / DJ TECHNORCH - Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (Minamotoya's Re:Creation) (Request by Psi)
18. 森野きこ - ルチルスルチラ
19. 桃箱 - ねばぎば★3次元!!!
20. TAMUSIC - 出撃・海原越えて
21. DJ Sharpnel - LITTLE GOD CH@NNEL (Request by Psi)
22. ななひら - コンベア速度 Max!? しゃいにん☆廻転ズシ"Sushi & Peace" (Very Very Long Hosomaki Zushi Ver.)

Listeners in the chat room: Psi, Decl, kyaxiz\\eQ, Lesqx, EricHogue, Cod|Avi, enya, eQue, Bober

For next week, you have 3 possible themes to choose from.

1. Artist review of Steven Wilson

I guess Steven Wilson requires no introduction to most listeners.
He's the mastermind behind Porcupine Tree and has also been involved with many other projects such as No-Man and Blackfield.
Lately he has been focusing on his solo career as well.

Choose this theme if you want to listen to some of the best melancholic acoustic progressive rock ever made.

Tags: Rock, Piano rock, Acoustic rock, Progressive rock, Rock ballads

2. Mixed uk hardcore set

Are you feeling like raving to 2 hours of mixed 180 BPM uk hardcore and freeform?
If so, this is the theme you should choose for next week.

I can promise you sloppy mixing but with a great track selection full of energy.
Of course requests from the genre will be accepted too.

Tags: Electronic, Uk hardcore, Freeform

3. Melodic death metal

The progressive metal show was not enough to quench your thirst for metal? You want it even harder?
Then this theme is for you.

We will listen to some of the best melodic death metal I know, from artists such as Children of Bodom, Norther, Marionette, Whispered, Ensiferum, In Flames and much more!

Tags: Melodic death metal

You have until next thursday to vote, that's when the poll will close and a tracklist for the show will be decided.
Theme for next week
Artist review of Steven Wilson (42%, 5 votes)
Mixed uk hardcore set (33%, 4 votes)
Melodic death metal (25%, 3 votes)
Total votes: 12
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Posted on November 20th, 2015

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Comments (2)
Yeah was a fun show! I feel like raving =)
That was a nice show, even though I missed some part ^_^ I don't think I've ever heard that much Japanese music at once, hehe!

Steven Wilson sounds interesting
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