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BAIT Radio Updates - January 2018

BAIT Radio Updates - January 2018

Find out what news and updates we have to share with you this January!

The new year has begun and there's a couple of important news we would like to share with you.

Minus one :'(

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you about twisty's departure from BAIT Radio.

Twisty has been a long-time crew member and PR manager of our radio station for many years, joining our ranks already back in September of 2009. She has hosted multiple shows that helped us form BAIT Radio - her own personal shows "Twisted Sunday" and "Down The Rabbit Hole", but also a long running chart show - the BAIT Radio TOP10. Aside from that, twisty worked with several bigger and smaller bands, conducted interviews and did research about their music and career, concluding it all here on our station.

At the same time, twisty has always had a lot on her plate in real life, trying to find balance between work, personal life and radio activities. Unfortunately, there's only 24 hours in a day and something had to go. We are very sad to see her leave but want to wish her all the best and hope everything works out smooth! Don't be a stranger!

Feel free to leave some comments to thank twisty for her time here with us on BAIT Radio!

Tag & Mention users in comments

A rather popular feature on social networking websites is now also available here, on our website! It is now possible to @mention someone in your comments! User who is being tagged (or mentioned) will get a notification about it, so this way you can pay their attention at your comment. We hope that this will improve usability of our site!

Blast From The Past

We already announced the new show on our station that brings back some good memories. So far, three episodes of Blast From The Past have aired - and there's much more to come! With each new episode we post a news item on the show page describing that old episode and reminding you of the music we played and topics that we discussed. So hit "Follow" on the show page and keep an eye out for the new upcoming episode already this Sunday!

New Music on BAIT Radio

We are also constantly working on improving our music base. New music now available on BAIT Radio can be seen on the Music page! The wonderful compositions you see there are all available for requesting on our AutoDJ and also live shows (depending on genres). We would also like to remind you that while being logged in, you are able to add new music suggestions to that page also! Feel free to do that and we will take your ideas into consideration!

Posted on January 21st, 2018

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Comments (10)
Wow I don't know what to say. You guys made me cry

Decl: despite all our differences (and there are soooo many), you are one of the most hard working, responsible, reliable people I know and who knows, maybe one day we will do something together again, like a hot dog shop

Avi: yes, there have been so many crazy moments You are also an incredibly organized, responsible and reliable person. <3 Thank you for your wishes and see you again in Amsterdam, I hope

Banez: thank you so much I am going to stick around anyway, we can always share some nice sounds.

Znurre: I think you are one of the nicest people I have met on IRC! Thank you for your wishes and I hope we can chat from time to time

Nattfare: thank you for all those times you tuned in! About a potential comeback - you never know what the future brings.

Apoc: thank you for everything! I will tune into your shows to get a dose of that sexy voice you have

CeeCee: I have considered giving a farewell show but I think I would just end up crying for two hours. I am leaving with a broken heart but I won't be a stranger. You guys are my family.

Thomas: never again will I get a msg from you on whatsapp 5 minutes before the start of your show saying "could you be a bit late?" <3

Once again, thank you all for everything. You will see me around. Love you <
LOL Thomas, I knew you'd say something like that.
You will be greatly missed twisty. Never again will I experience a countdown transition from your show to mine on Tuesday evenings, which will remind me always of a sense of impending doom. I say that with love.
What about a farewell show for her? Really sad not to hear your voice on radio anymore. I'll be missing you! Sending lots of hugs
It is a sad day when a crew member who has been here for so long and done so much for us leaves, but real life must come first and i must say it has been an absolute honour to have know you for 9 years and a massive thanks for everytthing you have done for our radio, gonna miss you
It's a shame to see twisty go, especially when she has been such an important and busy member to the station.
Sometimes you have to look over your priorities however when you try to deal with too many things at the same time.

You have entertained a lot of people over the years and everyone are probably hoping that you will be able to come back and do it again some day. =)

As a relatively new crew member, I don't have that many stories to share, but I've always seen you as a very positive and forward thinking person.
It's a shame that you've decided to quit the radio, but I certainly understand and respect your decision.
You will be missed by the crew, and surely many listeners too.
Thank you so much for all this time, and good luck in the future
Take care Twisty.

Always enjoyed the shows whenever i was around. Shame i missed your last show but maybe i'll catch it whenever it airs on that blast from the past show.

And i agree with Avi, definitely gonna miss the late night soundz. We never got the 3rd late night soundz either

I Wish you well!
I would like to thank twisty for everything! My first moment with twisty was her convincing Decl of my first show name The Day After The Party, just after I passed my trial show.

I always enjoyed working together with twisty, even in hard times for the radio station. We have always come up with a solution and her input always brought the station, aswell as each crew member individually, forward.

A frozen computer here, a plugged off microphone there - this is also twisty. "I did a twisty" became a very common phrase among the community - of course - always meant in a funny way. When I look back, alot of funny and crazy moments come to my mind. And then there was this epic crew meeting with Thomas, twisty and me... I hope some of the photos never make it out to public xD

What I will miss the most is probably this sweet voice saying "Hiiii this is twisty on a Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday (...)" Is there a single day she didn't air on? Probably not but 8 1/2 years is a long time which deserves a huge applause! Last but not least I want to mention her quality shows. I have never heard a single show which I haven't enjoyed. Most epic were her crazy late night shows... unforgettable!

I hope that you, Domi, archive everything you have in plan and that it all works out well for you. With lots of respect and the best wishes,


I'd like to also personally thank twisty for her massive effort and time spent here. Twisty has aired by far more than anyone else on this station, having hosted a total of 523 shows (scheduled on the website), plus those that didn't fit into the schedule, numerous all-crew events etc. This is literally over a thousand hours spent on-air, not to mention all the time preparing the shows and taking care of the general station matters.

Thanks twisty!
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