Episode #9: Theme Park (Orig. 12/11/2015)

My second ever show here on BAIT Radio.
This time around we listened to chiptunes, and Nattfare made no less than 6 requests! :)

Not sure what chiptunes is? Well, then tune in and have a listen!

1. virt - Option (Gradius 2)
2. 047 - Goolia
3. zabutom - Snow Mecha Takeoff
4. 小高直樹 - Journey to Silius (Title Theme) (Request by Nattfare)
5. Musho - I Forgot How To Robot
6. Machinae Supremacy - Sidology 1 (Sid Evolution) (Request by eQue)
7. Fastbom - Cold Beer And Hot Rocks
8. Tim Follin - Solstice (Main Game Theme) (Request by Nattfare)
9. Tim Follin - Solstice (Solstice Theme) (Request by Nattfare)
10. Vince Kaichan - Arc Electric
11. RushJet1 - Konami's Moon Base
12. 藤田靖明 - Megaman 3 (Title Theme) (Request by Nattfare)
13. Kulor - Tim Follin Tries Curried Eggs
14. Dubmood Feat. Zabutom - Razor Comeback Intro
15. Machinae Supremacy - Death From Above (Request by eQue)
16. Algar - Lust For Life
17. Duran Duran - Rio (Request by Decl)
18. virt - plasmatextor
19. 松原健一 - Bloody Tears (Request by Nattfare)
20. 047 - Robopop
21. 小高直樹 - Ventilation Shaft (Request by Nattfare)
22. zabutom - Redux 34
23. コナミ矩形波倶楽部 - Simon's Theme (Request by Nattfare)
24. Musho - Unwanted Slide Effects (snape is king version)
25. virt - shell shock (tmnt 3)

Posted on February 28th, 2018

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Comments (3)
He must have enjoyed the show
Oh, Decl, you're right! I was confused since I said 6 on air. I probably only counted his Solstice request as one
I actually counted 7 by Nattfare He was on a roll!
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