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TP 2018/08/23

Another Theme Park show has come to an end, and this time around the show took the shape of a 180 BPM live mixed uk hardcore/freeform mix.
We had plenty of activity in the chat, which was fun, and reflected the high intensity of the mixing.

01. No Sweat vs. Joey Riot feat. MC Obie - The High Grade
02. Brisk & Ham - Daybreaker
03. Weaver & AMS - Kick N Loud
04. Gammer - Got Ya
05. Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler (Dj Weaver Remix)
06. Darwin & In Effect - Exicute
07. No-Sweat & Co-Cane - Wild Thing
08. Orbit1 - Jitter 0.5
09. Impact - Sound System Banga
10. Heaven 7 - Dance With Me
11. Marc Smith & Darwin - Let The Bass Kick
12. Euphoria - Holding Out
13. K-Complex & Mark Ashley - Atomic Orbital feat. 2LS (Kevin Energy Remix)
14. Sharkey - Product Of Society (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
15. Al Storm & Euphony - The Outer Limits (Orbit1 Remix)
16. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Heaven On Earth
17. Stormtrooper - Universal Family
18. Ham & DNA - About You 2009
19. Dougal & Joey Riot - Praise You

People in the chat: CoD|avi, slaeshjag, paulesco, MePH, EricHogue, Kwarf, Maverick and Bober

If you missed the show you can catch the replay on Wednesday at 18:00!
Posted on August 27th, 2018

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Theme Park is a show with the purpose of entertaining the listener with great music that would otherwise remain largely unknown to most listeners. Each show has its own theme, voted forth by the listeners.

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