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New album by Those Who Ride With Giants

New album by Those Who Ride With Giants

Those Who Ride With Giants that proved to be quite popular on BAIT Radio is releasing a new album.

MJ Callaghan alias Those Who Ride With Giants announced the release of a new album on 20th January this year. The album, called Numinous, is said to be following the story of a seafaring voyage. Numinous is a continuation of his EP, released in May 2014, but it feels different, more evolved.

There are 10 tracks on the album, 2 of those you can already listen on the artist's BandCamp page. I'm not exactly sure what to expect of this album, as the two tracks are quite a bit different from one another. "The Scent of the Old Ocean" is very similar to typical Those Who Ride With Giants with calm, gentle guitars and a very distinct bass. It feels a bit more melodic than previous works, but at the same time perhaps too monotonous.

The other track we can prelisten is titled "The Encounter against the Moonlight" and is a longer piece at over 7 minutes. It's a bit heavier track, offering some nicer guitar riffs, yet combines some orchestral elements. All in all, an album to look out for for all lovers of both chillout music and rock, as this is definitely still very much within the "ambient rock" sounds of the first album.

Posted on January 9th, 2016

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Nice and relaxing piece of music I checked out both songs, sounds promising... Thomas should like it ^_^
Good work
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