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A little poll about the TOP 10 voting system

A little poll about the TOP 10 voting system

We are considering a little change in the voting system for the TOP 10 and we would appreciate your input.

According to the current system, brand new propositions are treated like all the other propositions. It means that if several people vote for the same brand new proposition, it can find itself in the TOP 10 right away, skipping the waiting room.

Having heard some concern expressed we decided to consider evening out the chances of all brand new propositions. Implementing the modification would mean that all brand new songs are played in the first hour of the show but they cannot directly enter the TOP 10. Only after the initial presentation in the first hour of the show they can be voted for by as many people as it takes and land in the TOP 10 in the following week(s).

In practice it means that everyone should try to come up with their own brand new proposition. Duplicating someone else's vote for a new song will result in a wasted vote, since we will treat them all equal anyway. The purpose of this change is to even out all songs' chances from the beginning. Let us know what you think about it.

EDIT : It was decided NOT to change the voting rules, essentially meaning that everything remains as it was. Brand new propositions will be treated as all other songs in the TOP 10 or the waiting room and can thus make it straight to the TOP 10 given they have enough votes. Thanks everyone for voting!
Should we change the voting system as it is explained above?
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Posted on April 23rd, 2016

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Comments (9)
The poll is now closed. Please see the result in the update above. Thanks everyone!
I see a problem more with new propositions instantly dropping out. Some people miss a week and so don't hear them. Or perhaps just want to spend their votes on something else for that first week

With the current system, a new proposition teeters on the edge of elimination if only the proposer votes to retain it. And if they don't do that, then it just drops out immediately. So personally, I think there's a case for 2 week immunity for newer props.

On the original discussion - I personally also don't see a problem with the current system of new props insta-rising to the top10 list. It can be a nice surprise. Perhaps we can prevent bonus-vote abuse of that though
Actually propositions are dropping out of the props list quite fast, every week we remove some 10+ songs, so I don't see a problem with that...
Indeed one's vote should count in active voters list, even if they voted for a song that's already been voted as a new proposition. Though I agree with slain, I think it'd be a good change as it eliminates some trolling elements that happened in the past *cough*Apoc*cough*. Basically nothing would change for voters with this new system, they can still vote for any song they like, no votes go wasted, just all new propositions start with 0 votes. And talking about top10, now might be a good time to consider a new margin for dropping old propositions from the waiting room, as it's been getting somewhat lengthy lately (no need to have 40-50 propositions, it just makes it even less likely for any of them, other than new ones, to make it to top10).
I just mentioned it for the ones who care about their vote counts.
I agree with slain and besides, as a reply to avi's comment, its not about the active voters number of votes. This is top 10 we are voting for most liked songs and not to maintain our present position in the active vote list. The listeners has the right to put whatever songs they like in the top 10, be it a new prop or a waiting list 😜
Don't see the problem with the current system to be honest. It's not like there's a lack of new propositions, so there's little reason to force songs through the waiting room before they can get into the top 10.
Nobody would lose his votes regarding the active voters list though, just in case.
No! I like the way it is. Besides, some people do not talk about what they should propose. If two people voted with one song without talking to each other whose vote will gonna count? The changes for voting system will be unfair for people who really like a certain song just because they proposed it the same time. Just my opinion 😊 Cheers!
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