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Santa's XMas Puzzle

Below you find a sheet with 9 different DJs which are described by two little graphics each. Your task is to turn these graphics into their correct names as fast as possible. To make it a little easier I have given you the number of letters for each DJ, shown as an "X".


  • Send your correct answers to SEVEN K. You can reach out to SEVEN K by either sending him a PM in our Chatroom or by using the direct message form on the website.
  • Indicate your answers by using the correct number: 1) ... 2) ... [...] 9) . Answers without the correct number won't be counted.
  • You have as many guesses as you want and you can split your answers in multiple messages. Just keep in mind that your last answer is the one that counts!
  • In the end of the game the player with the most correct guesses wins.
  • If two or more players have the same amount of correct guesses, the fastest player wins.


  • #01 Madison Mars
  • #02 Chocolate Puma
  • #03 Lost Frequencies
  • #04 Dropgun
  • #05 Major Lazer
  • #06 Dash Berlin
  • #07 The Chainsmokers
  • #08 Yellow Claw
  • #09 DJ Snake

RESULTS: Znurre (9) CeeCee (9) Slain (8) WMK (7) Shane (7) Paul (2)

CeeCee wins a BAIT Radio mug! Congratulations!

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