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Blast From The Past features the crew's show recordings from their early days on BAIT Radio. Listen to the funniest moments once again, get the chance to experience special shows one more time and last but not least enjoy great music you haven't heard for a while! We will weekly announce which show airs the upcomming week on the show's news page including additional information about the show such as covered topics, themes and tracklists.

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We're at the 30th edition of Blast From The Past and this time round we take a look at Rock Explorer from early September 2014 when we reviewed the Swedish indie/garage rock band Mando Diao.

Mando Diao was formed in 1999 and gained its first international success in 2002. By the time this show aired, they had released a total of 7 studio albums. On the show, we reviewed most of their albums and played songs from some of those:

  • Bring 'Em In (2002)
  • Hurricane Bar (2004)
  • Ode to Ochrasy (2006)
  • Never Seen the Light of Day (2007)
  • Give Me Fire! (2009)
  • Infruset (2012)
  • Ælita (2014)

Today, they've already released their 8th studio album ("Good Times", 2017).

One of their albums (Infruset) was released in their home language, Swedish, and became their most successful album in Sweden.

Mando Diao has the biggest following in Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Trivia: the band got its name from a founding member Björn Dixgård seeing a dream, in which a man approached him and shouted "Mando Diao!". The meaning is still unknown to me (and others).

Tune in this Sunday (August 12th) at 19:00 CET to hear that episode again!

Listeners who were around during the original show air time: BEER|ZeriouS, Hanter, SVNK, slain, Bober, Drakir, Thomas.

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Thomas is back! With a new (old) Blast from the Past!

The theme of this show was to explore select albums from a number of different artists:

Royal Blood, Less Than Jake, Razorlight and The Charlatans!

And of course... Death Cab for Cutie. Never to be missed.

Lots of musical discussion on this show - don't miss it!

# No Artist Album Title
1 The Charlatans Us And Us Only Forever
2 Depeche Mode Exciter Shine
3 Razorlight Up All Night Golden Touch
4 Royal Blood Royal Blood Careless
5 Royal Blood Royal Blood Come On Over
6 Less Than Jake Anthem The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
7 Death Cab for Cutie The Photo Album A Movie Script Ending
8 The Charlatans Us And Us Only My Beautiful Friend
9 Razorlight Up All Night Up All Night
10 Razorlight Up All Night Stumble And Fall
11 Depeche Mode Exciter When The Body Speaks
12 Less Than Jake Anthem The Upwards War And The Down Turned Cycle
13 Less Than Jake Anthem Plastic Cup Politics
14 Death Cab for Cutie The Photo Album I Was A Kaleidoscope
15 Royal Blood Royal Blood Figure It Out
16 The Strokes First Impressions of Earth You Only Live Once
17 Travis 12 Memories Happy To Hang Around
18 The Charlatans Modern Nature Emilie
19 Archive Restriction Black And Blue
20 Radiohead OK Computer No Surprises
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Trans Europ Express (also Trans-Europe Express or TEE) was a train network in western Europe in mid-to-late 20th century. It was set up in 1957, proposed by the then president of Dutch railway company. It was primarily targeted at businessmen, featuring only 1st class trains (no 2nd class) and the trains were scheduled so that they were fit for traveling to a foreign country, do business there, and return back same day late in evening. At its peak in 1974 it connected 130 cities in Denmark, West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Benelux countries. It slowly died in the 1980s due to emerging various national express trains like the French TGV and continuously higher usage of aeroplanes for business travel. [source: Wikipedia]

Of course, it is impossible to visit more than 40 countries in Europe in just 2 hour show. I also choose not to follow the TEE closely, so we make a more free tour around Europe, starting with a "ride to Norway" as the lyrics say in NEU!'s Hero track (which was, by the way, inspiration for track title "Heroes" by David Bowie, maybe even more than just title). From then across the Scandinavia to Sweden and Finland.

Across the forests where big battles were fought in early 1940s to Russia. We play two songs from there, since it's a big country and one of those from our friends 208 Talks of Angels. Since Russia extends also to Asia, let's mention that besides well known Russia and Turkey, there are also other countries spanning both Europe and Asia, depending on border definition. And according to the most common and accepted one, a bit of Kazakhstan also fits into Europe. That tiny little bit. Which is so big in fact, that it's larger than entire Greece! Counting just area that's within borders of Europe, Kazakhstan is 14th largest European country by area. Though it is largely empty. Since we're riding trains, a Mystery Train is but a great request.

Greece may be smaller than Kazakhstan, but much more important in European history, so we just can't skip them even if the Greek Folk track played doesn't completely fit more rock tracks, tonight. But it's Dusty Road, always crazy music. From then on north to Serbia and a great rock band Smak, farther north is Hungary. From Hungary comes one of the most craziest, but still serious bands that I know. Korai Öröm. They've many many members (more than 10 definitely), but their numbers fluctuate, since they seemed to pick up their members somewhat randomly, even on concerts. And they don't title their music. Albums, tracks, nothing. At least first few releases weren't, recent are. One band, who titled their tracks with just length in minutes and seconds, once said they do so, because they don't want to influence the listener in any other way than with just (instrumental) music. So no "forced" meaning. Maybe Korai Öröm shared the same philosophy. Good psychedelic music, though, both rock and trance and some other, too. Played the first track from their album released in 1995, which is their 2nd album.

Hungarians got a several centuries long lasting friendship with their northern not-quiet neighbours - Poland. Played a track by Animagnetical, which is another band we promote. Less good a relationship, but improving recently, is that of Poland with its big western neighbour - Germany. Where the title track of tonight's show comes from, if you will. Trans Europa Express by Kraftwerk must've definitely been inspired by the train network TEE, since the music itself does sound so as to imitate train ride. And many may recognise it, since it was heavily sampled in Afrika Bambaata's Planet Rock.

A sole blues track tonight comes from the Czech Republic and then we moved down south to (1100 years ago still neighbours) Slovenia. Siddharta, arguably the most popular rock/pop-rock band from the country, released their album Rh- (from which the track we played comes from) in a blood bag.

And talking about bags, we can't go without bagpipes. So Italian Barbarian Pipe Band comes to the rescue. From there it's just a calm boat/ship travel across the Mediterranean to Spain, particularly Barcelona, from where we can catch a TEE to France. And since we were in Barcelona, let's make it clear again: I'm From Barcelona may be a good band, but they're definitely not from Barcelona, but rather Jönköping, Sweden.

In Gaul we play one proper French track, albeit with English lyrics, and one proper Celtic, I mean, Irish track. Though played by a French band Aislinn. And since we're at Irish music, we continue the theme by a proper Irish band. And then it's just a quick jump to the UK and their post-rock band 65daysofstatic. They won't Retreat! But we might have to, 2 hours of great music behind us, we just quickly jump back to the Continent and play the closest thing to American Country music by the Dutch Sickboys and Lowmen.

Tune in this Sunday, July 22nd at 19:00 CET!

Tracks played

1. NEU! - Hero
2. Nicklas Barker - Celestial Ghost
3. Valkyrend Variété - Karjala
4. Risha - Dorozhenka
5. 208 Talks Of Angels - Hero of past
6. LAF - Mystery Train [request]
7. S. Xarhakos - Patience
8. Smak - Crna Dama
9. Korai Öröm - 1995 / 1
10. Animagnetical - Time To Walk Away (Here & Now)
11. Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express
12. Jiří Míža - Vestapol
13. Siddharta - Rave
14. Barbarian Pipe Band - Digo Janeto
15. Albatros - Supernova
16. I'm from Barcelona - Cornelia Norgren - Pet Duet
17. Antarhes - She Told Me
18. Aislinn - Moorlough shore
19. The McSherry Ceili Band - Advanced Reel
20. 65daysofstatic - Retreat! Retreat!
21. Sickboys and Lowmen - Drove Too Long
bonus: G. Zabetas - Syrtaki

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Episode #27 of Blast From The Past goes back to October 27th, 2014 with EP #078 of House Rotation featuring a mix of Deep / Progressive House and festival music. Enjoy!

Listen to the upcoming episode of Blast From The Past! with SVNK on Sunday, July 15th at 19:00 CET!

Marlon Roudette - When The Beat Drops Out (Lulleaux Remix)
The Magician feat. Years & Years - Sunlight (Extended Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never (Mark Knight Remix)
Jess Glynne - Right Here (Ben Dooks Remix)
MK feat. Alana - Always (Route 94 Remix)
Angelou, Innomine & Curly Music - I Will Never (House Of Virus Remix)
Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Spaveech Remix)
Second City - I Wanna Feel (Original Club Mix)
Tom Foolery - Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill - Gecko (Overdrive) (Original Mix)
Rino Cabrera - Believe (Original Mix)
Charming Horses feat. Jona Bird - Follow (Radio Edit)
Kiesza - Giant In My Heart
Avicii & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You (Club Mix)
Spin Bak - Get 2 Know U (Touch & Go Classic House Mix)
3 K-Tronic vs DefDD - Shake Your Body (Extended Club Mix)
Sunrider - Ghostbusters (Extended Mix)
Philipp Ray & Viktoriya Benasi feat. Miami Inc. - Bailar Bailar (Bodybangers Remix)
Bassanova feat. Freek Lohuis - Urban Legends (Pjanoo) (Original Mix)
Joe Garston feat. Andrew Farr vs. Deorro vs. Porter Robinson - Five Hours Language (MashUp)
John Christian - Next Level (Nicky Romero Edit)
Jewelz & Scott Sparks vs. SHM vs. Knife Party vs. Eric Prydz vs. Hard Rock Sofa - Flashbang vs. Antidote vs. Everyday vs. Here We Go
Ray Knox vs. Deorro - Yee Corcovado (SVNK MashUp)
Martin Garrix - Helicopter
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This week on Blast From The Past we're going back to early September of 2014 to hear Rock Explorer. A "random" show in between two artist reviews, we heard a lot of great music and covered the following topics:

  • Barack Obama visited Estonia at the very time we were ON AIR!
  • We spoke about the world's smallest country, Principality of Sealand.
  • I found out that I would be going to the US again (for the 2nd time) - around October 17th, 2014.
  • Introducing the new promo of Rock Explorer!
  • In Riga, they opened a new World Trade Center. Its address includes the numbers 9/11. Why?

Tune in this Sunday (July 8th) at 19:00 CET to hear that episode again!

Listeners who were around during the original show air time: NeXii, CeeCee, Hanter, Banez, Cartis, Critical, SVNK, Thomas, swarfega, Lucas, EricHogue, Bober, Apoc.

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